Creativity is a balm for my anxiety. It is incredibly empowering and life affirming. I will put all the projects I've done as part of therapy in this one central spot. Most of these images are tucked into individual blog posts, but I'll add a few extras here too.

It all started with the red door. I'd had a difficult
conversation with someone. I was angry, but I hadn't
spoken up. The door was my way of shouting "Hey, I'm here!
This is my door and I'll paint it red if I want to."
When I had finished painting, I looked up at it
and realised I wanted to be alive.
A very upsetting conversation
with someone morphed into this
DIY Steam Punk toilet roll holder.
Another conversation gone horribly
wrong spawned these embroidered guavas.




I had hopes...
...they were dashed

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